Thank you for your interest in JARILUSUA FURNITURE MOVERS (JFM) JFM has been supplying a quality moving services to our customers since 2001. A completely satisfied moving customer begins with our professional, courteous and qualified proceeding advisers and continues to the time that the movers are completed with the move procedure. Once you have transferred, we then strive to keep you as customer and a friend in the moving company. While we are filed with the Texas Department of Motor Vehicles, licensed and insured, our movers are on the list of best at work and furniture going only for JFM as they ARE NOT day workers. In the attempt of providing our customers with an efficient and professional level of moving service within one’s budget and beyond that of other moving companies, we offer our services that are moving at a flat itemized guaranteed rate or a hourly rate. Because of this, JFM has grown to add additional offices that were moving within the USA.